Who are you? What is this? I need answers!

My name is Crystal, and I am a freelance cartoonist and animator living in San Francisco. This is a completely self published comic book series that I manage and sell only online and in person at fine art shows or comic conventions. The books are constructed as a fine quality publication. The cover is a high gloss 100pt weight and the pages are a thick bright white 80pt. This is not a cheap newsprint comic, it's constructed like a mini "graphic novel" style book. Support an indie cartoonist and pick one up if you can, and thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to keep drawing. I am so happy to be able to share my comic as a real book! :)

You can check out more about my comics and animations at:

How long will it take for delivery?

I ship orders on every Sat morning of the week the order was placed.
If you live in the US, it takes 3-10 days from the day it’s shipped.

If International, it varies normally depending on the location and your countries customs forms. Please be patient with international orders as I've seen some orders can take up to 25 days for transit as well. And because of COVID, international delivery can take now 3-6 weeks to arrive. 

Some things will ship seperate or together if they are bulky or custom items. Like art prints come in a tube while tshirts come in a polybag. Just examples, but you get an email notice if it's coming in parts.

NOTE! For international orders, I am not responsible for any additional taxes or duties that are imposed on you (the recipient) by your country. Please research your local postal policies to be aware if US packages will be subject to any additional charges.

What is the comic about?

To anyone who is new and just discovering my comic for the first time here is a synopsis:

It's about a guy named Fibble and his demon named Sin. In the story, Fibble accidently gets swallowed alive and sent to Hell by Gluttony (a demon with a caffeine addiction for coffee and a stomach full of man-eating worms). The overarching plot involves Sin (the demon of evils) trying to save Fibble from getting killed in Hell, on account that its consequences would result in causing a utopian universe (and we can't have that!).