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Skitzo The Bear Handmade Ceramic Mugs


Only 2 available!! Handmade Art Mugs!

A ceramic Skitzo mug handmade with antique finish and fired to look like an old piece of lost Skitzo memorabilia from the 1920s!

* Each one is unique in color, shape, and size. They are made by my friend and artist Lily Yao of BareSoul Ceramics in San Francisco. The process takes months of crafting, drying, firing and glazes to get a finished product.

She's a professional ceramist and used an antique glaze process to create the vintage cracked and rusted look of the mugs complete with "rust" and "blood" glaze effects, but they are fully functional pieces of pottery and safe for drinking and normal mug use!

* All mugs are food/drink safe and completely functional pieces of dishware.

*Due to the fragile nature and mailing costs this item is only available for US shipping.